A Comprehensive Guide to the Dos & Don’ts of Wondough

Image result for do's and don'tsThere are a variety of sites on the Internet, which offer reward programs. However, their authenticity becomes a concern, especially when you have to provide your personal information to access the programs. While some of the sites have conditional problems relating to the reward payments, there are others that are totally spam. But Wondough. Com is nothing like other sites. With its unique setup and awesome deals, it offers an interesting opportunity to earn free gifts cards sitting at home after work. Here’s how you must proceed to win e-points and Amazon gift cards on Wondough.

Survey Do’s

  • Always try to provide honest answers;
  • Go through each question carefully before answering;
  • Report to Customer Support if you receive any survey opportunities from third-party without your permission to be contacted;

Survey Don’ts

  • Don’t rush through surveys (this might factor into your disqualification);
  • Don’t share details about surveys on public forums or with friends, including details about survey titles, survey contents, survey IDs, screenshots, time of completion, etc

Paid Offers Do’s

  • Check the authenticity of the websites before choosing a paid offer;
  • Make sure you submit your correct email id or credit/debit card information to avail the benefits of paid offers;
  • Sign up for available newsletters and free consultations;


Miscellaneous Don’ts

  • Submit offensive or inappropriate ideas, photos and videos;
  • Bullying and/or engaging in activities that are profane, offensive or hateful toward other Wondough’s members and/or Wondough’s support teams;
  • Create multiple Wondough accounts for one user;
  • Spam the Rewards Store comments;
  • Complete offers or surveys with inaccurate or fraudulent information;
  • Manipulate any browser or cookie settings for the purpose of circumventing  or defrauding controls established by Wondough or any of its sponsors or advertisers;

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