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Tips to Find a Genuine & Safe Online Survey Portal

Making money online is a hot topic not because it helps you earn money while sitting at home, but it lets you have a passive source of income which you can utilize when you no more feel like working. Online surveys are a great way to add some value to your bank account but only if they are safe enough to sign up. If you have been invited to visit an online survey portal that claims to help you earn money online, let us guide. Be with us in this blog and know how to find a genuine online survey portal and protect yourself from online scams and data breaching.

Here are four common things you can do while landing to an online survey portal:

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1. Do check the privacy policy of the website

Many of the websites that claim to help you earn money online but are not safe from the user point of view, often leave some loopholes on their website. Such websites, do not have the privacy policy web page and hence needs to be checked thoroughly against false promises and fake profiles.

2. Avoid giving personal details

There are many fake survey websites that ask you for your personal information. After receiving the same, they simply sell it to a number of companies which in return spam you. To avoid this online scam, try to give your fake account details to such websites. Never give your correct name and email address to such portals. If needed, create a separate email account where you can monitor the activity of such portals. Observe them for a week and you will get to know if the portal is spam or a genuine one.

3. Be aware of “get rich quick” websites

There is no shortcut to becoming rich in a day or so. If a website is claiming that it can make you rich in a day, it’s definitely a fake website. The main purpose of such websites is to trap an online user by such quotes and steal his information for spamming and other unethical practices. However, there are some websites that can actually help you add some value to your bank account by participating in online surveys but it won’t use cliche words like “be rich” or “live a luxurious life”. So, make sure the website on which you have landed is not using such trapping words and if it is, leave it before signing up.

4. Put your opinion

A genuine marketing portal will always focus on retrieving your thoughts about a specific thing – it can be a product, an event or a news. In return, such portals are sure to reward you with cash and prizes just for sharing your thoughts. So, if you ever found a reputable portal wherein you do not feel getting trapped by a fake policy and marketers, have fun and reap the rewards of being a panelist!

Final Words

Finding the right platform to make money online is tough but not impossible. You can definitely find a reputable online money making portal – like those of – reap the benefits of being a member just by paying attention to details. Keep your eyes open and mind alert for any kind of fraud and data breaching and your journey to the world of online money making will surely be great!

Hope you find this information useful. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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