General Questions

As soon as you create an account or sign-up on wondough.com, you will start earning wondough ePoints - 5 wondough ePoints will be immediately added in your account.

Wondough ePoints are the electronic currency which you accumulate while using wondough.com apps for visiting websites, shopping, downloading videos, following suggested connections on Twitter, registering on the website and much more.

Wondough ePoints are the electronic currency which you accumulate while using wondough.com apps for visiting websites, shopping, downloading videos, following suggested connections on Twitter, registering on the website and much more.

Gift cards are issued by merchant brands and carry a particular value e.g. $ 50 or $100 with which you can purchase products from the particular brands whose gift cards you own.

Yes, you can sign-in using your existing google account, without creating or sign-up your new account.

It's very easy. Simply fill in your details on our sign-up page. We'll send you a link to the application form so you are able to set up your Account and become a member. If you are 16 or younger, you will need to ask your parent or guardian to apply on your behalf, and you can take part in the surveys via them.

There are no costs associated with joining Wondough and you can leave at any time. However, you'll need an email address to receive invitations to participate in surveys and you'll need to be able to access the internet to complete our online surveys.

We will send you an email welcoming you to Wondough and you will begin receiving email invitations to take surveys. The emails will contain all the information you need to take part. Once you complete a survey, you'll have the opportunity to earn points and win free Amazon gift cards.

Surveys are conducted because businesses, governments, public bodies, and similar organizations are interested in the views and attitudes of the people who use their products and services. The more they know about what customers and citizens think, the easier it is for them to improve and adapt what they supply.

We send out survey invitations on a regular basis, but cannot say who or when you might receive invitations. This is because each survey is customised and based around the research goals for each individual client. Depending on your Account, we may ask you to complete surveys more or less often. For this reason, we ask you to keep your Account as up to date as possible. Please note some firewalls may prevent delivery of our survey invitations.

Once you create a login account on Wondough, you will receive 5 e-points as signing bonus, while installing the Wondough extension will get you 100 e-points. Subsequently, you can complete online surveys to accumulate various denominations of e-points. Each e-point is worth 1 cent; therefore, 100 e-points equal $1; 200 e-points equal $2, and so forth.

These e-points are non-transferrable and vary according to the type and difficulty level of each survey that you complete.

For each survey you fill, you will receive 5 Wondough e-points or more. Each e-point is worth 1 cent; therefore, you will need a minimum number of 300 e-points to be able to exchange them for a free Amazon gift card worth $3.

Fill out as many surveys as you can to earn as many points as possible.

Starting with a gift card worth $3, you can win Amazon gift cards worth $5, $10, $15, $25 and onwards on Wondough. For this, you will have to fill out online surveys to accumulate enough e-points, which can later be redeemed for a free gift card of corresponding value.

Once you have accumulated a minimum of 300 points, you can go to the “Redeem Now” section on the website to choose a gift card of the corresponding value and place a request. It will take up to 60 days from the date you’ve placed the request for the gift card to reach you.

Once your request for an Amazon gift card is completed, you will receive a confirmation of the same on your registered email id. You need to make sure that you use the same email id to create a login account on Wondough and register on Amazon.com

If both the accounts have different email ids, your payment request will not be completed.

Generally, personal information is used: (i) to communicate with you regarding your Account and survey participation; (ii) to tailor survey opportunities to you; (iii) to comply with legal obligations, including, without limitation, complying with taxation requirements; (iv) to administer and manage our incentive programmes and fulfill your requests for incentives; and (v) to update our database.

It is possible that someone made a typing error and accidentally submitted your e-mail address while asking to join Wondough. It's also possible that someone has used your email address without your permission. If you don't want to join, simply ignore the e-mail and the reminder that will be sent. Your details won't be included on our records and you'll not be contacted again.

The point summary provides the entire information of the account by displaying the complete history of the user account. It has three sections that show the type of offer, completion date and how many points have added to the account. In simple words, it is a summary of points that a user gets after signing up on Wondough.

When you first sign-up on Wondough with your email ID, you will get 5 points as a “Joining Bonus”. Similarly, you can earn more points by doing surveys and performing other activities on Wondough. To see your status of earned points, you can simply check it through the point summary.

During analyzing your redeem order summary, if our team finds any false points that might have earned by making any phony activities. They will adjust your points according to their insights.

The redeem order summary is a section where the user can see the status of your requested points.

This process takes a time of a week and on every Wednesday your redeem points status will be updated to your account summary.

Our team will give the status of your redeem points on every Friday.